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Mixplay is a sound advertising player for stores, shopping malls, and exhibition complexes. Mixplay plays audio commercials, announcements, scheduled announcements, can work around the clock with minimal human intervention.

The fundamental idea behind the Mixplay player is to automate the process of playing background music, ads and advertisements in public places (shopping halls, metro stations) so that human influence is minimal. This is the main business value of Mixplay.

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Mixplay is very convenient for round-the-clock enterprises, thanks to a number of its features:

  • Automatic launch of the program together with Windows. It is enough to turn on the computer with Mixplay at the beginning of the working day, and the system already starts working.
  • A weekly schedule that allows you to schedule automatic playback of audio clips at a specified time during the week without human intervention.
  • “Hot” replacement of audio materials without disabling the playback process.
  • The use of computer files of well-known audio formats MP3, WMA, WAV, stored directly on the computer’s hard disk.
  • Mixplay makes it possible to play audio files downloaded from a remote server over a local network.
  • Mixplay can run on any computer that meets the minimum system requirements. By purchasing Mixplay, you will be able to install the program on any computer in the organization, while continuing to use it for its main purpose.

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Information about Mixplay on 21 September 2022

Soft name: Mixplay
Last update: 21 September 2022
Operating system: Windows (7,8,10,11)
Manual verification: сonfirmed
Download: crack, nulled
Virus: not detected

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