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Microsoft 365 for Family,

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Microsoft 365 for Family is a high-performance service that contains a subscription to popular office applications.

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The Microsoft 365 Family solution is ideal for family use if there are several digital devices at home. The subscription allows you and 5 other users to connect up to 5 devices (PCs or tablets) with the Windows operating system, as well as Mac OS, i.e. each member of your family will be able to use Microsoft 365 on 5 of their devices. To work with Microsoft 365, you only need an Internet connection: register with Microsoft 365 Family, create personal settings, work with documents and stay always connected – both at home and on the go.

If you need a subscription for only 1 user (and you will also be able to install and use Microsoft 365 apps on 6 of your devices at the same time), use a Microsoft 365 Personal subscription.

Features and functions of Microsoft 365 for the family:

  • A wide range of functions of the Word text editor. Creating, editing and formatting documents, intelligent editing tools and recommendations. A solution for everyday work, study and any business, typing and editing text.
  • Excel spreadsheet tool with express analysis capability. Conducting effective data analysis thanks to a large set of functions for creating charts and graphs, as well as the ability to create accounting documentation.
  • An Outlook application for receiving and sending emails with improved email sorting and processing functions. The postal service and the search engine, personal and corporate social networks, and other means of communication are combined in a single interface.
  • The OneNote notebook will help you quickly create, edit, and draw notes on any device, including attaching almost any file to any section of your note. The application is especially convenient for tablet devices thanks to the support for handwriting text input for adding notes, drawings and voice comments.
  • In the PowerPoint application, you can create a great presentation, give slides a stylish and professional look, make transitions, dynamic and animated inserts, as well as add audio and photo, video materials. Support for high-resolution monitors.
  • Access (PC only) creates the ability to manage databases, templates and web databases, ensures data integrity and high performance.
  • Use Publisher (PC only) to create dynamic publications by adding and configuring preliminary sketches of content blocks, applying professional effects to text, drawings and shapes (for example, soft shadows, reflections and other OpenType features such as stylistic variations and ligatures).
  • 60 minutes of Skype calls to more than 60 destinations around the world monthly.
  • OneDrive online storage is a reliable cloud service with the ability to collaborate in real time, allowing you to implement your plans and ideas faster.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 for the family:

  • Regular, permanent access to the latest version of the personalized service.
  • The ability to install popular applications on Mac computers, PCs, iPad and Android devices, as well as Windows tablets.
  • 1TB space in OneDrive Internet storage.
  • Work in the updated full-featured applications Access (PC only), Excel, Publisher (PC only), PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Word, the ability to write ideas the way you like: using the touch screen, pen or keyboard.
  • Added stylish templates and a list of recently viewed documents.
  • Editing PDF content in Word, large format templates and themes in Power Point, adding multimedia content, and more.
  • Auto-save all documents in the SkyDrive cloud when there is an online Internet connection.
  • Productive work on joint tasks and projects through the ability to exchange documents in cloud storage.
  • Full access to your documents from any PC or device connected to the Internet (Windows OS only).
  • Full-featured Office applications on 6 tablets and 6 phones.

Information about Microsoft 365 for Family on 19 September 2022

Soft name: Microsoft 365 for Family
Last update: 19 September 2022
Operating system: Windows (7,8,10,11)
Manual verification: сonfirmed
Download: crack, nulled
Virus: not detected

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