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Adobe FrameMaker,

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Adobe FrameMaker is designed to help with publishing documents on an enterprise scale. The product combines the power of XML and the simplicity of working with text.

Thanks to the support of the WYSIWYG function and a wide selection of templates, Adobe FrameMaker provides quick preparation of the necessary documentation. The program allows you to create both short and multi-page books for printing or publishing in many formats (PDF, HTML, SGML, XML, etc.).

Adobe FrameMaker features include the ability to create structured and unstructured content, XML and DITA content. The program also allows you to combine different types of content, supports complex scenarios and advanced graphical options.


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Main features of Adobe FrameMaker:

  • RTL language support;
  • option to write from left to right, control the direction of objects such as items and tables using the values of the Direction properties;
  • delivery and publication of content on mobile platforms or in formats supported by mobile devices: HTML5, WebHelp, EPUB, KF8, MOBI, PDF, and CHM;
  • Built-in integration with Adobe PhoneGap Build for fast publishing of mobile content;
  • filtering by content tags with HTML5 output;
  • embedding custom fonts in EPUB files;
  • WebHelp-gallery with a variety of themes, buttons, fonts, backgrounds, search fields, etc.;
  • publishing links to content pages such as images, headers, footers and logos;
  • SVG support at the output of the HTML5 file provides an optimal view of the image when viewed on any device, regardless of the size of its screen;
  • DITA 1 support.3;
  • integration with MathFlow and Style editors of the Design Science platform ensures the export of content as high-quality vector graphics at the final publication;
  • integration with CMSs, Adobe Experience Manager, EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox.

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Information about Adobe FrameMaker on 04 October 2022

Soft name: Adobe FrameMaker
Last update: 04 October 2022
Operating system: Windows (7,8,10,11)
Manual verification: сonfirmed
Download: crack, nulled
Virus: not detected

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